Windows 7 and Apple aluminium keyboard

Last week my brother-in-law gifted me an Apple aluminium keyboard. I am a big fan of Apple products. They design their products so elegantly.

I was initially not sure whether I will be able to use it with my PC running Windows 7 RC(build 7100). I Binged/Googled to check if someone else had already faced this scenario and had a possible solution for it. I armed myself with the drivers obtained from these sites.

When I unboxed the keyboard and held the sleek keyboard in my hand, I was at a loss of words and all I could say was “WOW!”. I could hardly believe there could exist so thin a keyboard with such a beautifully sculpted design.

With a silent prayer, I connected it to my PC and switched it on. With bated breath, I waited for the login screen to come up. When it did, slowly I pressed the first key of my password, half expecting that I would be successful…

VOILA! Windows 7, it seems, had recognized the keyboard… I was able to login successfully…

All the keys were working fine… and all this without installing a single driver! The Option key works as Alt and the Command key works as the Windows key!

The typing experience on the Apple keyboard is heavenly! It makes you feel like you could go on typing for eons…

But I still need to find a way how to map the PrintScreen option to one of the keys in the keyboard…

Kudos to Microsoft for their Windows 7 OS (which I believe is their best OS till date)…

Kudos to Apple too… for their excellent new keyboard which makes typing pure joy…


One thought on “Windows 7 and Apple aluminium keyboard

  1. This post would have been useful with some links or hosted files. Check out AutoHotKey for remapping the keyboard. LAlt::LWin would do the trick.

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