WPFSpark @codeplex

I have started a new project at http://www.codeplex.com. The project is called WPF Spark.

You can access it here.

This project will contain a library of user controls, written in WPF, which can be used to enrich applications.

As of now, I have planned to develop a circular progress control (which I have termed as SprocketControl), an autocomplete textbox with some extra features, and a bislider control (which can be used to specify a range of values).

I have rewritten the Circular Progress Control and implemented it in WPF. I didn’t want to name it WPF Circular Progress Control so I came up with the name SprocketControl. The  first version of SprocketControl is ready and has been released at CodePlex.

In the next version of SprocketControl, I am planning to add features which will enable you to define the shape of each of the spoke in the control.

I am still exploring the depths of WPF… soon I will be releasing the rest of the planned controls… 🙂


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