WPFSpark Reloaded!

It has been more than a year since I posted anything on this blog! Well the last one year was pretty eventful due to which I was unable to focus my attention towards this blog. Till June last year I was working in a Windows Forms project. I was learning WPF whenever I could get time and I was liking it very much. WPF is a powerful framework indeed. It gives wings to your imagination and creativity.
From July 2010 onwards, I shifted to a project which was working on Silverlight 4. Since then it has been a roller-coaster ride of the learning curve of Silverlight, dot NET 4 (and WPF too!). Being familiar with WPF gave me an added advantage. Though I was unhappy to discover that Silverlight was a subset of the WPF framework targeting the Web mainly, I am hopeful that one day Microsoft will merge to two to provide a robust framework which will cater both the desktop and web worlds.
In the course of learning and development in WPF/Silverlight, I encountered several problems. The search for their solutions led me to popular technical sites like CodeProject, StackOverflow. Here, tips from the gurus of WPF/Silverlight helped me widen my horizon of understanding and showed me that WPF/Silverlight is capable of far more than I originally thought.
So I have decided to share the knowledge with the developer community which has helped me so much.
As a first step, I revamped my blog. I chose a new theme to give it a cleaner look.
I will be adding more posts in the days to come…


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