Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Driver Error – Solved

Of late, my computer system started behaving weirdly. Whenever I plugged in a device into the USB port, my computer would advise me “This device can perform faster… Please use USB 2.0 port… blah…blah…blah“. I am currently using Windows 7 64-bit. I had recently upgraded my motherboard and was sure that I had only USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Moreover, I was pretty sure that I was using the USB 2.0 port to connect my device.

Well, then I went to the Device Manager (in case you didn’t know, there is a nice keyboard shortcut for that – Win + Pause(Break) key). 🙂

Within the Device Manager, all your devices in your computer are listed in a tree hierarchy. I expanded the node titled Universal Serial Bus controllers. To my surprise, I found there were several yellow icons(which indicate that the drivers are not proper for those devices).

I tried updating the driver by right-clicking and selecting Update Driver software but Windows kept assuring me that I had the latest driver for the devices.

So I searched the web, if there was anyone who was suffering the same fate. One of the sites gave a simple solution which I tried out and it worked for me!

And the solution is: Right click on the USB devices (for which there is a yellow icon attached to it) and select Uninstall. This would uninstall the driver. Now REBOOT! Upon rebooting, Windows will automatically install the drivers for them. Voila! No more USB issues.

Seems that the driver file got corrupted!


2 thoughts on “Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Driver Error – Solved

    1. Could you provide more detail?
      After uninstalling the driver, try reinstalling the drivers that you got with your motherboard. It might work.

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