WPFSpark : 3 of n : FluidWrapPanel

My third article in the WPFSpark series has been published at the CodeProject site.

You can view the article here.

WPFSpark is now available at the NuGet gallery. Get the WPFSpark Nuget package.


4 thoughts on “WPFSpark : 3 of n : FluidWrapPanel

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply. I have been working on the update to FluidWrapPanel which allows you to bind the items to an ObservableCollection.
      Basically, what I have done is, added a dependency property called ItemsSource. I have handled the propertychanged event for this property. In the handler, I clear all the previous children of the FluidWrapPanel and call AddChild() method for each of the element in the new ObservableCollection. Then I call the InitializeArrange() and UpdateFluidLayout() methods.

      I will be posting the updated version of WPFSpark at CodePlex soon.


      1. Any chance you can go ahead and share that info with us early, as the version of WPFSpark on codeplex is from August and your reply here is from September. If I don’t see anything in a few days I’ll probably do it myself and post the changes here and on codeproject, just hate to do the work if you have already done it.

      2. Hi Richard,
        Sorry for the late reply. WPFSpark v1.0 is now released and it has the updated FluidWrapPanel containing an ItemsSource property which is bindable. Check out the latest code here.


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