HTC Titan – The latest Windows Phone 7.5 beast!

HTC just released their biggest Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone – the HTC Titan! From the first look, it seemed pretty impressive – the large 4.7 inch Super LCD screen, the fluid and elegant Windows Phone 7.5 OS, the 8MP camera with dual flash.
But a much deeper look into the hardware left me disappointed. Here are a few features I would have liked Titan to have to make it a sure winner in the long run-

  • Higher resolution – Having 800×480 on a 4.7″ screen is like watching a 720p movie on an HDTV. A 1280×720 resolution would have been an absolute killer feature.
  • More RAM – Its time we moved from 512MB memory for smartphones to at least 1GB. With multitasking a standard feature in almost all the smartphone OSes, an increased memory would indeed be a blessing.
  • Front facing camera – I expect it to be at least 2-3 MP for a better experience during video calls.
  • Extensibility – the Titan offers no scope of extensibility. An SD slot would have indeed been great.

Apart from all the above points, a major put off would be the price. If HTC can deliver a smartphone with great features at a killer price, it would be a surefire winner!

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