WPFSpark v1.1 released!

WPFSpark v1.1 is now released!

WPFSpark v1.1 brings a major revamp of the FluidWrapPanel control.

The core logic of FluidWrapPanel class has been rewritten from scratch to make it more robust and usable in various scenarios, resulting in a faster, optimized code.
These changes are breaking changes, meaning if you are using the latest WPFSpark library (v1.1) then your old code using the old FluidWrapPanel will not compile unless you update it. The interface IFluidDrag has been removed. Child elements no longer need to implement the IFluidDrag interface to participate in the drag and drop interaction. Instead I have added a new Behavior called FluidMouseDragBehavior which would facilitate the child element with drag and drop interaction. Child elements must add this behavior to participate in drag and drop.

Get the latest WPFSpark source code here.


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