Accessing Dropbox via .NET

One of my recent assignments involved storing of a configuration file in Dropbox so that it can be accessed by my application from anywhere around the world. This was a new area of exploration for me as I had no idea how to make a .NET application communicate to Dropbox. This gave me an opportunity to learn something new and I jumped at it.
My first step was to create a Dropbox account and go through their documentation of the REST APIs. Dropbox does not have an official SDK to access it via .NET (though third party libraries are available).
The next step was to search online. Surely, someone would have faced a similar problem and someone else would have suggested some solution to it. I visited several forums where people had posted questions on this issue.
One such forum led me to Christophe Geers’ Blog. This guy has done a tremendous job of writing a series of excellent articles describing the various steps you need to perform to get access to the Dropbox account, creating of folders, uploading and downloading of files, etc. These articles are what a beginner needs to get an solid understanding of programmatic access to DropBox. The accompanying source code is an added bonus.
Do check out his articles here.


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