FloTiles v1.0 released!


I am really excited to say that the next game which I was working on is finally complete and released in the Windows Store. It is called FloTiles  and it is a Windows 8 Metro application. It is also my entry to The Windows 8* & Ultrabook™ App Innovation Contest sponsored by Intel and hosted in CodeProject.

There were two rounds in this contest. In the first round, we had to write an article in CodeProject summarizing our idea for the app for this contest. Based on that, Intel would be providing us an Ultrabook as a 3 year loan. I passed the first round and got the Ultrabook within a few weeks. The deadline for the second round was Nov 21 for the app to be submitted to either the Windows Store or Intel’s AppUp store. But the judging would be done only after December 1st. This gap gave me ample time to add more tweaks and features to my first submission.

You can read in detail about the FloTiles game in my CodeProject article which I updated yesterday. It is the longest article I have written yet as it details the various components and  features incorporated during the development of this app.

The FloTiles game is available for download from the Windows Store here.


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