WPFSpark v1.2: Status

It has been almost two weeks since I started my work on WPFSpark v1.2 and here is the status so far:

SprocketControl, ToggleSwitch, SparkWindow, FluidProgressBar & FluidStatusBar have been successfully upgraded to .NET 4.6. Yay! Only FluidPivotPanel and FluidWrapPanel remain to be upgraded. ToggleSwitch has been rewritten from scratch and has more robust features now. It demanded my biggest attention and it caused the ClipBorder class being rewritten from the scratch too. Compared to these classes, the other controls have been incorporated with fewer changes.

Once I complete the .NET 4.6 version, porting it to .NET 4.5.2 should not take much time. What might take more time instead is combining these two into a single solution using the Shared Project template. I am still doubtful about it. If it takes longer to achieve it, I might postpone it and release the two versions separately now (one for 4.6 and the other for 4.5.2).

UWP version of WPFSpark might get delayed! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Back to code!


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