WPFSpark 1.2 Released

Happy New Year everyone!

Well last month has been really hectic and crazy (and filled with vacations). Though I released WPFSpark v1.2 on 1st Dec 2015, I couldn’t update my blog. I was busy with the UWP version of WPFSpark and hit a few roadblocks in the Nuget package creation for the same.


Check out my CodeProject article which describes the new features and updates that have been incorporated into the controls. You can obtain the Nuget Package from here. The source code repository is now shifted to GitHub. You can access it here.

Now for the UWP version. I have successfully ported FluidWrapPanel to the UWP version. I am trying to create a Nuget Package which contains the x86, x64 and ARM versions in a single package and based on the build configuration of the project using this library, the appropriate version will be selected. I am facing some issues (some folks are helping me out). Should be able to upload the UWP version by this week hopefully.

Happy Coding! 🙂


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