I am Ratish Philip. I am a software developer with 6+ years of overall experience. Out of these 6+ years, the last 4.5 years were spent in the .NET world. During this period I fell in love with C#. Then, I was introduced to the wonders of WPF. Needless to say, I was completely spellbound!

I’m currently working on a Silverlight 4 project.

On the personal front, I am married to Linsu Susan Ninan. I currently live in Bangalore, India.

Right from my C++/MFC programming days, I spent most of my pastime trying to create rich UIs. Though I managed to create some UIs (but not without much difficulty), I still felt there was something missing with the way I created them. There ought to be an easier way.

With WPF, my prayers were answered!

With WPF, it is so easy to quickly create rich user experiences and it is so much powerful than Windows Forms/MFC.

This blog contains various tips, snippets and a few examples of my creativity using WPF…


Ratish Philip


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